served until 11:30am


house toast (see extras at the bottom of the page) 7
– soy & linseed
– organic sourdough
– white
– bagel (+2)
– gluten free (+2)

served with a side of butter
(jam, vegemite or peanut butter +1 | nutella or za’atar +2)

homemade date scones (2 per serve) 8
served with triple berry jam & fresh cream

sourdough fruit loaf 7
toasted & served with butter

banana bread 7
toasted with butter

açaí bowl 19
with seasonal fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, crushed almonds,
granola & coconut (add peanut butter +4)

polenta porridge (vegan) 19
polenta infused with almond vanilla, maple syrup,
poached rhubarb & berry compote with roasted pistachio

frankie’s french toast 17
with caramelised banana, butterscotch sauce & double cream

savoury muffin 9
spinach, pumpkin, bacon, rosemary feta, spanish onion & mozzarella

avocado & feta smash 18
fresh avocado, rosemary feta, poached free range eggs
& pickled onions on organic sourdough toast
(bacon +4 | salmon +5)

eggs benedict 16
poached free range eggs, baby spinach & hollandaise on
organic sourdough toast (bacon +4 | salmon +5)

green shakshuka 19
pesto base, spinach, avocado, 2 free-range sunny side eggs, crispy parsley,
spring onions & persian feta w/ sumac

chorizo hot pot 22

with free range eggs, spinach, shallots, onion & tomato,
served with organic sourdough toast (add rosemary feta +4)

sujuk omelette 21
with sujuk, rosemary potatoes, spring onions, sautéed mushrooms,
confit cherry tomatoes, persian feta & mozzarella served with
toasted organic sourdough

superfood green bowl 22
zucchini, avocado, asparagus, broccolini, cucumber, edamame,
green beans, brown rice & quinoa with pesto & 2 poached
free range eggs (add halloumi +4)

veggo breakfast 18
2 poached free range eggs, asparagus, rosemary feta, avocado
& semi-dried tomato with organic sourdough toast
(add hummus & falafel +7)

big breakfast 28
2 fried free range eggs, bacon, mushrooms, sausage,
halloumi, grilled tomato, spinach, hash browns
& organic sourdough toast


fruit & ricotta bruschetta 17

organic sourdough toast with fresh strawberries, blueberries,
ricotta, toasted hazelnuts & pomegranate drizzled with honey

brunch bruschetta 17
organic sourdough toast with zaatar, avocado, heirloom tomatoes,
chilli labneh, pomegranate, flaked almonds, fresh mint
& extra virgin olive oil (add a poached free range egg +3)

pesto bruschetta 17
organic sourdough toast with heirloom tomato salsa, avocado,
rosemary feta, poached free range egg, pesto & balsamic glaze

chickypea bruschetta 17
soy & linseed toast with avocado, hummus, spicy ‘nduja salame,
rosemary feta, roasted chickpeas, pickled onions
& poached free range egg

new butcher’s bruschetta 17
organic sourdough toast with rosemary mushrooms, artichokes
& goats cheese w/ truffle & crispy parsley
(add free range poached egg +3)




bacon & egg burger 16
bacon, fried free range egg, melted cheese & bbq sauce
served with hash browns

breakfast burger 19
with pork belly, fried free range egg, red onion, melted cheese,
coriander & chilli mayo served with hash browns

breakfast wrap 17
free range scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, spinach, avocado,
spring onion, spicy ‘nduja salame & bbq sauce served
with hash browns



frankie’s hot cake 19
with roasted almonds, coconut flakes, passionfruit curd,
fresh berries, triple cream & maple syrup

sourdough pancakes 19
with a berry compote, cream, yoghurt,
crushed pistachios & rice malt syrup

triple stack pancakes 19
with fresh berries & maple syrup with a choice of
vanilla gelato or triple cream

butterscotch banana pancakes 19
caramelised bananas with butterscotch & white chocolate,
served with vanilla gelato & peanut brittle flakes

mixed berry cream cheese crepes 15
with mascarpone cream cheese & a mixed berry compote